Tuesday, April 1, 2008

toby + rei

The D2E last past weekend was quite good.

There were a few baby-related exhibitors that caught my attention. My sister is pregnant and I'm on the look-out for fun, unique and preferably eco-friendly items for her and the baby.

One exhibitor that met the above criteria was toby + rei. Not only are they adorable but I seriously want some of these designs for myself (hello cute elephant, come to me). So I know what I would get for myself, but what to get for my sister who is having a boy...the robot or the shark*? Or both?

*I'm fully aware of the fact that I'm constructing gender here. I am a bad, bad women's college graduate. Perhaps I'll shake things up and go with the pink robot.


Alanna Mallon said...

thank you for the fantastic post!

alanna said...

thank you for the fantastic post, let us know when you have decided on a design!