Friday, April 11, 2008

Necklaces in need of a neck

My poor necklaces. They're in a drawer. They're lying on top of my bookcase. They're in those tiny Tiffany pouches. They need a place of their own.

I wandered through Urban on my lunch break the other day and I saw something that just might work:

Except it's $26. That's too much for a white aluminum branch from Urban, of all places. I'm so pretentious. If it was from Moss I'd shell out the cash in a heartbeat.

Snobbery aside, I did like a few other options on Urban's website, including these wall-mounted branches...

... and this filigree jewelry dish.


Amanda said...

So creepy how we're on the exact same wavelength sometimes....look at the metal jewelry tree at VivaTerra - $59, but really pretty!


D said...

Creepy, indeed! I like that VivaTerra tree. The loops for earrings would come in handy...though I do have that Muji organizer that's working out very well.