Monday, March 31, 2008

GAP Design Editions

Fabsugar, Fashionista and others have reported on the newest batch of designers collaborating with GAP on their "Design Edition." Basically, phenomenal designers reinterpret the Basic White Blouse, which GAP then sells for $40-$90. That seems like a lot for white button-up, but it might be my only opportunity to purchase something from threeASFOUR or Philiip Lim. In any case, I'm excited about a few of the options...

I like the Band of Outsiders shirt on Chanel. And I love what Lily's wearing, I think the top is 3.1 Phillip Lim.

And I hope threeASFOUR's contributions live up to their kooky but sleek runway pieces. Like this...


Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring is springing up!

I came across these beautiful Puschkinia (Striped Squill) this week. Scilla should be popping up any day now. Hooray! Spring is here!

Tricycle at Space242

Friday night.
Space242 in the South End.
Tricycle opening reception.
Derek has about 20 pieces in the show. They are all excellent. A few sold that night.
I stupidly forgot my camera. (Edit: But Mandy brought hers! Check it.)

Go visit the exhibit before it closes April 18th!

Very pretty indeed

This weekend I met one of the lovely ladies behind Pretty Bourgeois. The blog is a wonderful mixture of interior design, fashion, food and more. These just happen to be some of my favorite things!

The subhead pretty much covers the blog's aim: "A working girl's guide to living stylishly on a budget." Now that's a guide I could certainly use. What that description lacks, however, is a mention of the Crazy Peeps Easter Cake in this post! I must try this.

Sticks and Twigs

This post at stylophile about Patrick Dougherty's installation on the facade of the Max Azria Melrose Avenue Boutique in LA reminded me of something...

In 2001 Mr. Dougherty came to Smith to install Paradise Gate. I helped him on the installation one afternoon. I really just handed him large sticks, but I had a great time watching him work and chatting with an artist I'd only heard of a few days prior. That afternoon he was very amiable but also intent on completing the task at hand. It was a memorable afternoon. And, thank goodness, I didn't impale him or myself with a stick!

His work is incredible, no? Thanks for the memories, stylophile.



Can you guess what this is? Answers to come.

The 1990s Garden

These were headed for the trash at work so I saved them and took them home. The blue cover is from 1993 and the orange is from 1991. The illustrations may seem juvenile to sophisticated design-minded folks living in 2008, but I think they're witty and very striking. Computers in the forest! Words in the garden!

I'm headed off to the D2E convention -- will post about that in a few days.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Vintage Spring

Apparently Pod in Brookline Village has replenished their stock of vintage Swiss botanical postcards.

I plan on stopping by to check them out this week. I have a few plant-lovers in mind who might appreciate these beauties. They're mighty colorful!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Imagined life #2

Another wonderful house tour at Apartment Therapy. This one's in Chicago. And of course, I'm impressed and envious.

Jabba who?

Dear Randy Jackson,

Thank you for presenting America's Best Dance Crew. I'm a fan.

My sister, who is a dancer and not a dance-floor-spaz like me, is also a fan. She knows her stuff.

And we both like JabbaWockeeZ. I know I should favor the Boston crew, Status Quo, but JabbaWockeeZ have left me smitten.

Now Mr. Jackson, a few questions.

Where do these crew names come from? I want to know. Did I miss this in an earlier episode?

And will you please ask your judges and host to stop being so condescending to the female dancers? They are not "girls," they're women. And while you're at it, put the kibosh on this kind of shit: "you girls danced like men, and I respect that." What?? It looked to me like they danced like...dancers.

Many thanks,

Memories of Utah, part 2

More Wasatch Mountain Range.

Fun signs and beautiful skies.

More beautiful skies.

Colorful bike racks in SLC.

Flags for cross walks in SLC.


Memories of Utah

August 2007

Sweets at Les Madeleines in Salt Lake City.

Hiking and camping in Lone Peak Wilderness, part of the Wasatch Mountain Range.

Eating delicious rice pudding with my lovely sister at Pudding on the Rice in Provo.

Magical graffiti in SLC.

Unique gravestones at small cemetery outside Provo.


It begins and ends with a cat...

say hi dress*

*I'm feeling inspired by Daul Kim!

Thank you, Mandy, for this:

A beautiful black and brown checkered vintage dress from Savers.
And it fits! Radical!

say hi to...daul kim

Thank you fashionverbatim for introducing me to Daul Kim's blog!

I like to fork myself! This girl is f*ing awesome. I truly enjoy seeing her in shows (via, of course) but I had no idea she was so damn fun and funny. Argh! Watch out for Daul!

And I love her posts. Check out "say hi to...rick owens".
Oh Daul. If I were a fashion designer, I'd totally let you open my show!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Imagined life

Oh my goodness. Please check out the house tour of Jill Pilotte's beautiful house on Apartment Therapy.
This is how I want to live.

Down with lawns!

The most recent issue of The New York Times Style Magazine is brimming with good stuff! I was most inspired by the article on Fritz Haeg, an architect who founded Edible Estates, which "proposes that homeowners banish grassy vanity lawns and replace them with harvestable gardens." Right on!

As I read about Haeg's projects I could picture a house that I lived in as a pre-teen in Southern California. This house had a massive backyard and frontyard, both of which were covered in neon green grass, definitely not native to the chaparral of Riverside County. If only my parents had done what Haeg does, that is, take a rototiller to those unnatural lawns and plant crops in their place.

I realize as I type this that I may feel so passionate about Haeg's work because I mowed both of those massive lawns at least once a month for 5 years. In any case, Edible Estates seems a brilliant idea!

Parisacooper, yah?

I've recently come across the blog of Nisa Risa Parisacooper. I like her blog and I love her style.

Very cool, sometimes androgynous, a little sexy, and a lot laid back. I envy her pixie cut. And we share an adoration of Emmanuelle Alt.

A shameful return...

I've been neglectful to this lil' ole blog of mine. I'm ashamed, not so much of my blatant neglect, but of the fact that I've found so much inspiration in blogs, websites, articles, and so much more lately, and I am not spreading any of that inspiration.

I've been lazy. So. Consider this the beginning of multiple "inspiration" posts. This is fair warning.