Sunday, March 23, 2008

Jabba who?

Dear Randy Jackson,

Thank you for presenting America's Best Dance Crew. I'm a fan.

My sister, who is a dancer and not a dance-floor-spaz like me, is also a fan. She knows her stuff.

And we both like JabbaWockeeZ. I know I should favor the Boston crew, Status Quo, but JabbaWockeeZ have left me smitten.

Now Mr. Jackson, a few questions.

Where do these crew names come from? I want to know. Did I miss this in an earlier episode?

And will you please ask your judges and host to stop being so condescending to the female dancers? They are not "girls," they're women. And while you're at it, put the kibosh on this kind of shit: "you girls danced like men, and I respect that." What?? It looked to me like they danced like...dancers.

Many thanks,

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