Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ebay anxiety

Thinking about bidding on a few of these maps on ebay. I love maps, but I especially adore antique maps with lengths of rivers and heights of mountains.

I feel dubious about ordering antique prints from ebay. I'd rather see them in person, I mean, a map listed as 1847 on ebay might actually be a 20th century reprint. Ebay anxiety...this is why I almost never bid on anything.

Will wears...Crocs?!

Apparently Will is wearing Crocs in this picture.
Do I think Crocs are an abomination? Yes.
Do I still think Will is the bees knees? You bet I do.

Thanks, Jessica, for the pic!

Some type


This list is by no means comprehensive.

Totally awesome.

Totally awesomer.

It's purple. And it's Prada. I like strange stuff.

Both of these are from here.

And I like a lot of stuff from here, especially the Deer Head Necklace.