Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ebay anxiety

Thinking about bidding on a few of these maps on ebay. I love maps, but I especially adore antique maps with lengths of rivers and heights of mountains.

I feel dubious about ordering antique prints from ebay. I'd rather see them in person, I mean, a map listed as 1847 on ebay might actually be a 20th century reprint. Ebay anxiety...this is why I almost never bid on anything.


Amanda said...

Ooooo! Get one get one!

CityMouse said...

There's a great vintage map person who often makes appearances as the SoWa market. You should check them out if you prefer to see before you buy.

On an unrelated note we've tagged you! Its just a friendly tag so feel free to just take it as a hello if you feel that tags are like chain mail.