Monday, April 14, 2008

Curious desires

Thanks to Fashionista I stumbled upon the fabulous Etsy shop of aminyitray, who creates unique jewelry out of medical curiosities, 19th century microscope slides and antique prints. This stuff is right up my alley!

I especially like this Paris pendant with a tassel. I would attach it to a long chain, pair it with a cute floral dress, sandals and perhaps a big floppy hat...and then I just might have the perfect summer outfit. Yes. I will buy this.

Good news

1. I didn't die in the race yesterday.

2. I just spoke with someone at the Copley Place GAP and they are receiving the Design Editions line TODAY. The line should be on display and on sale by tomorrow.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Necklaces in need of a neck

My poor necklaces. They're in a drawer. They're lying on top of my bookcase. They're in those tiny Tiffany pouches. They need a place of their own.

I wandered through Urban on my lunch break the other day and I saw something that just might work:

Except it's $26. That's too much for a white aluminum branch from Urban, of all places. I'm so pretentious. If it was from Moss I'd shell out the cash in a heartbeat.

Snobbery aside, I did like a few other options on Urban's website, including these wall-mounted branches...

... and this filigree jewelry dish.

One more table

From one of my favorite house tours. Sweet and cozy.

credits: AT SF

My vote: harvest table

Desire to Inspire recently tackled an interesting design dilema: kitchen island or harvest table? This is not an issue that I have to deal with as I live in a JP rental with a small kitchen, but my vote is for harvest tables!

I do like the storage space provided by a kitchen island, but a harvest table allows one to show off a gorgeous table. It also provides a nice showcase for an eclectic chair collection (Mandy, are you listening?). They can make a crowded kitchen more airy and light, plus you can move them out of the way to create an impromptu dancefloor!
Here's a nice example from Apartment Therapy. This is from Jeanine's house in Wellesley. She's applying for AT Boston and I really like her digs. And her chairs.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A few things...

Liking this idea for a rustic backyard sink. Via Apartment Therapy a few weeks ago.

Remembering the Hiroshi Sugimoto exhibit at the Hirshhorn Museum back in 2006. The movie theater pictures were my favorite. They appeal to my embarrassing sense of melancholy.

Wondering which year this Paris map was produced. Bought it for $1 in Shelburne Falls this weekend.

Wishing I could take better pictures in which the colors are true-to-life. That map is actually a delightful peachy-orange.
Wishing I was better prepared for the Doyle's 5-mile road race this Sunday.
Happy it's finally spring. Hello crocus! Good to see you forsythia!

Domo arigato

Momo and Jake brought back a few wonderful items from their recent trip to Japan, including a Muji catalog.

I am now the happy owner of this beautiful booklet I cannot read, a green Muji toothbrush and a cute black blouse that I will wear to death this summer...Muji, of course. Thanks, M & J!


A little while ago I asked you (who am I kidding -- no one reads this) to guess what this is:

It was one of the incredible sculptured and cantilevered face wraps at the Junya Watanabe show in Paris back in February. I absolutely loved these head sculptures when I first saw them. I also loved a lot of the clothes. I'm a sucker for gray jersey.

I wish I could have seen this in person. I read at the time that the show was slower than other runway productions. I imagine it was a contemplative and, perhaps, even peaceful exhibit of clothes...and face blobs.


Friday, April 4, 2008

Visionary fashion

Right on.

credits: facehunter

Overheard... Black Ink yesterday.

Mother, pointing to a book with a picture of a sad-looking dog: Why do you think he's sad?
Little girl: Because he has no one to love.

So true.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

A few things

I forgot to add these to yesterday's list of shoes.

Witch hazel. One more sign of spring!

I came across Montmartre's Sketchbook and it is beautiful.

Lena has new totes. I have vowed to purchase one of her plates in the very near future. Make that a plate AND a tote.

One of my favorite material possessions -- a vintage pagoda-style plant rack.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A little edgy

Came across this wicked necklace via notcouture. The Surface to Air uneven scissor necklace in stainless steel is $137.

For a few months I've been wearing this funny scissor/bird doodad on a basic chain.

This little charm came in a bag of random beads I picked up a few years ago and I'd always wanted to do something fun with it. Granted, it's not nearly as cool or creepy as the Surface to Air necklace, but it suits me.


Patterns and shapes.

Thou shalt not

What can I say. I'm a sinner.

I just e-filed my taxes and I'm getting a tiny bit of money back, so I decided to buy those woodgrain sunglasses. Lame excuse I know, but I had a 15% off coupon for Delia's anyway (now THAT'S lame).

All right, on to other frivolous matters. These are just a few pairs of shoes I'd like to get my hands on this spring/sum
mer. First, some utilitarian basics.



And now for some crazy sandals.

Nine West


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

toby + rei

The D2E last past weekend was quite good.

There were a few baby-related exhibitors that caught my attention. My sister is pregnant and I'm on the look-out for fun, unique and preferably eco-friendly items for her and the baby.

One exhibitor that met the above criteria was toby + rei. Not only are they adorable but I seriously want some of these designs for myself (hello cute elephant, come to me). So I know what I would get for myself, but what to get for my sister who is having a boy...the robot or the shark*? Or both?

*I'm fully aware of the fact that I'm constructing gender here. I am a bad, bad women's college graduate. Perhaps I'll shake things up and go with the pink robot.

A shady quest

As you can see I have a canister full of sunglasses. Sadly I don't wear any of them. I have issues with ALL of them. So rather than wear shades that make me feel uncomfortable or make me look like a madwoman circa 1956 (no kidding), I squint. A lot.

The ultimate solution is to purchase prescription sunglasses. Until that happens, I might get these puppies...

They're from Delia's.
Wayfarers are, like, totally 2007. Fer sure.
Um, I just bought a pair of turquoise aviators from H&M. (Read: totally impulsive and unnecessary!)

They're only $10.
Woodgrain. Woodgrain! Let's hear it for woodgrain!


Fashion inspiration from the internets...

Simple tops & interesting legs.
All three,
Hel Looks.

Hmmm, with those pictures in mind I'm now considering tackling a tie dye project...

Yes, I said tie dye. What of it?

I almost bought a sequined t-shirt from JCrew at the oh-so-affordable price of $75. I'm feeling weak and I almost gave in to my urges. Fortunately for my budget the shirt was gone by the time I went back to Crew's website. In any case, the overpriced tee would not have looked as cool as Betty's shirt does here. Oh my. I just realized Betty's shirt looks a bit like tie dye. I really do have a one-track mind.
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