Friday, April 11, 2008

My vote: harvest table

Desire to Inspire recently tackled an interesting design dilema: kitchen island or harvest table? This is not an issue that I have to deal with as I live in a JP rental with a small kitchen, but my vote is for harvest tables!

I do like the storage space provided by a kitchen island, but a harvest table allows one to show off a gorgeous table. It also provides a nice showcase for an eclectic chair collection (Mandy, are you listening?). They can make a crowded kitchen more airy and light, plus you can move them out of the way to create an impromptu dancefloor!
Here's a nice example from Apartment Therapy. This is from Jeanine's house in Wellesley. She's applying for AT Boston and I really like her digs. And her chairs.

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hebden said...

Give me a table any day...tables make a kitchen seem welcoming...