Thursday, April 10, 2008

A few things...

Liking this idea for a rustic backyard sink. Via Apartment Therapy a few weeks ago.

Remembering the Hiroshi Sugimoto exhibit at the Hirshhorn Museum back in 2006. The movie theater pictures were my favorite. They appeal to my embarrassing sense of melancholy.

Wondering which year this Paris map was produced. Bought it for $1 in Shelburne Falls this weekend.

Wishing I could take better pictures in which the colors are true-to-life. That map is actually a delightful peachy-orange.
Wishing I was better prepared for the Doyle's 5-mile road race this Sunday.
Happy it's finally spring. Hello crocus! Good to see you forsythia!

1 comment:

circuitmouse said...

It looks exactly like the one my parents had from '57-58. They were basically the same for about 10 years after the war starting around '49 or so, with updates each year. We had one for Cannes, too, I think by the same publisher.

I keep telling myself I'm going to dig it out and frame it before it falls to pieces (not the best quality paper)