Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Down with lawns!

The most recent issue of The New York Times Style Magazine is brimming with good stuff! I was most inspired by the article on Fritz Haeg, an architect who founded Edible Estates, which "proposes that homeowners banish grassy vanity lawns and replace them with harvestable gardens." Right on!

As I read about Haeg's projects I could picture a house that I lived in as a pre-teen in Southern California. This house had a massive backyard and frontyard, both of which were covered in neon green grass, definitely not native to the chaparral of Riverside County. If only my parents had done what Haeg does, that is, take a rototiller to those unnatural lawns and plant crops in their place.

I realize as I type this that I may feel so passionate about Haeg's work because I mowed both of those massive lawns at least once a month for 5 years. In any case, Edible Estates seems a brilliant idea!

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