Friday, January 18, 2008

Fictional lamps

The 2006 movie Stranger than Fiction was rather unfortunate.* The movie itself is unforgettable, but over a year after watching it I can't forget one thing about it -- the lamps! The set decorator, Ford Wheeler, did an outstanding job of furnishing the set with some of the most gorgeous lamps I've ever seen. Harold Crick's minimalist apartment was littered with mid-century modern light fixtures and furniture. Ana Pascal's colorful apartment had a stunning collection of whimsical and eclectic lamps.

I'm not kidding, these lamps are still on my mind. Apparently others were just as impressed with the set design as I was, and still am.

Sadly, a quick search of the interweb for images of these sets proved fruitless. Here's a (very small) picture of Harold and Ana instead.
If anyone knows anything about these fictional lamps, pass it on!

* Will Ferrell is a comedian, not an actor. Occasionally those identities overlap, but that is not the case with our man Will. His performance felt empty and awkward. Maggie Gyllenhaal and Emma Thompson were both gems, of course.

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