Sunday, July 27, 2008


Two Women by Brett Bigbee

I've had this on my mind since last November: Graphite at the Portland Museum of Art. I happened to be in Portland for a conference and spent an afternoon at the Museum where this exhibit completely took me by surprise. They had this exhibit of graphite works tucked away on a second-floor gallery -- very unassuming and absolutely wonderful.

Two Women by Brett Bigbee was so engrossing. The piece is huge, about 45" x 62", incredibly detailed and as delicate as a watercolor. Some artists made graphite look like paint, like dark, heavy oils. I loved Kendra Ferguson's work -- from what I remember, they were abstract, geometric drawings that looked like mathematic alien lifeforms. I wish they had published a catalog for this!

Class of '54 by John Whalley

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